April 3, 2010

Could you be a chapter delegate at the SWCS conference in St. Louis?

The MN SWCS Chapter needs to designate a delegate and alternate to attend, and be eligible to vote, at the national House of Delegates session at the 2010 SWCS Annual Conference in St. Louis. If you are able to attend please contact Shannon Carpenter (shannon.carpenter@mn.usda.gov) by April 23rd.

The 2010 House of Delegates session followed by State of the Society meeting is set for Sunday, July 18th 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in St. Louis, Missouri.  Like last year, both the session and meeting are back to back and are open to all SWCS conference attendees.  The State of the Society meeting will provide conference attendees the opportunity to share their views with the SWCS Board of Directors on the following topic:

Energy, water, and global climate change will drive research and environmental programs over the next century.  This will largely determine what we hand off to our sons and daughters.  We are heading into a time period that is comparable in significance to the Great Dust Bowl.  What do you believe the appropriate role for the Society is with respect to these issues?

The purpose of the House of Delegates is to advise the Board on natural resource issues and matters affecting chapters.  If you wish to put forward a formal resolution, please submit it to Sue Ann Lynes on or before April 28th (see below.)  Only formal written resolutions will be addressed during the House of Delegates session; and if resolutions are presented, only official chapter delegates will be allowed to vote. If we receive no formal resolutions, we will go directly to the State of Society Town Hall meeting. 

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