January 20, 2016

Register for MN SWCS Annual Meeting, March 14

The Annual Conference and Meeting for the MN Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society is March 14th, at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites St. Cloud. The featured speakers are Jim Eckberg, Plant Ecologist for the Xerces Society; and Dennis Garner, National Register Historian for the MN Historical Society. For more information see this flyer.

May 11, 2015

Save the date: Invasive Species Workshop July 22nd

MN SWCS members:
Please share the following with your colleagues.
The Minnesota Invasive Species Council (MISAC) and the MN Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) Chapter invite you to attend the MN Traveling Invasive Species Workshop meeting at Elm Creek Park Reserve Chalet on Wednesday, July 22nd.
The traveling workshop is a one-day, field based workshop taking place in the West Metro and Three Rivers Park District. This year’s topics include early detection and identification of newcomer invasive plants, zebra mussel control, battling wild parsnip, using goats and fire to manage buckthorn and much more!
This will be a full day event beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending by 4:00 pm. Registration fees cover the cost of lunch, water/ice, and transport between field sites. Registration details will follow at a later date. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
For more information (and a printable flyer), please visit the MN SWCS Chapter website at: http://minnesotaswcs.org/

March 11, 2015

Minnesota SWCS Award Recipients

The Minnesota Chapter SWCS is pleased to congratulate the following recipients of chapter awards presented at our annual meeting on March 2nd.

Education Award
Steve Simons accepted the award on behalf of Central Minnesota Water Education Alliance.
The Central MN Water Education Alliance (CMWEA) is a coalition of central MN cities, counties and other organizations that provide education outreach to promote water quality stewardship.  The mission of CMWEA is to develop and implement educational programs that encourage individuals in Central MN to protect water resources by increasing their knowledge and making simple behavior changes.  By working in concert, the members of CMWEA are able to provide a consistent water quality educational message.

MN SWCS Scholarship Award
Patrick Hagen – 2014 University of MN, Crookston graduate.
Patrick took a job with Capistran Farms and Seed Company in Crookston while attending school.   This allowed him the opportunity to learn about the views the local farmers held along with their farming practices.  He plans to use this information along the education he received to help merge conservation of our natural lands with sustainable farming and production.   In his future he hopes to blend the fields of agriculture and natural resources instead of viewing them as separate.

Kelly Oliver – Served on the executive committee for the MN Chapter.
Kelly was very active in the organization of summer tours and annual meetings.
Russell Kleinschmidt – Served as Chapter President.
Did a Great job of running meetings and leading the MN Chapter during his term.

(Post from Julie Reberg.)

February 25, 2015

MN SWCS Annual Meeting is March 2nd in Crookston

The 2015 Annual Meeting and Conference of the Minnesota Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society is Monday March 2nd, 8:00 to 5:00, at the Bergland Laboratory and Ag Research Center, 2900 University Avenue, Crookston, MN.

The program features:
  • Chris Philips "Pollinator habitat, bees, pesticides, and implications for land use."
  • Matt Simmons "Patch-Burn Grazing on Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge"
  • Leon Osborne "Dealing with Weird Weather and Climate Change"
  • Panel Discussion on "Land and Water Connections in Northwestern Minnesota: The Cumulative Effects of Land Use on Water Quality and Quantity" with Tim Cowdery, Hydrogeologist – USGS; Les Lemm – BWSR; Henry Van Offelen – Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; Chuck Fritz – International Watershed Institute and past Red Lake Watershed District Manager; Livestock farmer - Tim Szymanski
The full agenda is available at http://lamprey.crk.umn.edu/calendar/index.php?eID=10148

February 22, 2015

National SWCS awards deadline extended

Note that the national SWCS office extended its deadline for awards nominations to March 16th. Take the opportunity to honor the hardworking conservationists in Minnesota.
Here is a link to the flyer describing the awards:

January 6, 2014

Time to nominate for MNSWCS awards and scholarships

Minnesota SWCS members,

It is that time of year to honor your colleagues for their conservation work by nominating them for one of the Chapter awards or scholarships. Nominations are due March 1st, 2014.

In addition to the student scholarship, the six awards available are:
Outstanding Service – Awarded to an SWCS member that has ten years or more of service to any state chapter of the SWCS.
Commendation – Awarded to Minnesota Chapter SWCS members for their commendable service to the Minnesota SWCS.
Honor – Awarded to a SWCS member or non-member that has ten years or more of service to any state chapter of the SWCS.
Merit – Awarded to a SWCS member or non-member group, agency, business, product, etc. for accomplishments or contributions to the natural resource field.
News/Media – Awarded for the dedication and promotion of the natural resource issues in the news/media.
Education - Awarded to an individual, group, agency, etc. for their contribution to the conservation education of adults and/or youth.

Nomination forms are on the MN SWCS Chapter website
Or use the following links to go directly to the Student Scholarship Application Form, or the Awards Nomination Form.

July 25, 2013

Invasive Species Tour next Wednesday

Your Minnesota Chapter SWCS and the MN Invasive Species Advisory Council is hosting an invasive species workshop next Wednesday July 31st, starting in Windom MN. Speakers on the tour stops will address concerns about EAB, rough fish, and a broad range of upland plants. See the agenda for more information, and register ahead of time to ensure space on the bus.

March 5, 2013

MN SWCS Award Nomination forms available

Dear Minnesota SWCS members,

It is that time of year to honor your colleagues for their conservation work by nominating them for one of the Chapter awards or scholarships. Nominations are due March 31st.

In addition to the student scholarship, the six awards available are:
Outstanding Service – Awarded to an SWCS member that has ten years or more of service to any state chapter of the SWCS.
Commendation – Awarded to Minnesota Chapter SWCS members for their commendable service to the Minnesota SWCS.
Honor – Awarded to a SWCS member or non-member that has ten years or more of service to any state chapter of the SWCS.
Merit – Awarded to a SWCS member or non-member group, agency, business, product, etc. for accomplishments or contributions to the natural resource field.
News/Media – Awarded for the dedication and promotion of the natural resource issues in the news/media.
Education  - Awarded to an individual, group, agency, etc. for their contribution to the conservation education of adults and/or youth.

Nomination forms are available on the MN SWCS Chapter website

December 23, 2012

"Dig It!" soil exhibit event January 3rd

You might remember a few years ago when the Smithsonian Museum, with support from the Soil Science Society of America, created "Dig It!", an exhibit about the complex world of soil. Well, now, the exhibit is on display right here in Minnesota at the Bell Museum of Natural History on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota.

The exhibit will run through July, but don't put off your visit. Several events are planned around it including “Big Thursday” when subject matter experts are on hand to guide visitors through the exhibit. The next one is Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. when Caryl Radatz (NRCS State Soil Scientist) and her colleagues will lead the gallery conversation.

More information is at the Bell Museum website http://www.bellmuseum.umn.edu/ForAdults/Exhibits/DigIt/index.htm

And here's a pdf flyer you can use to promote it to your colleagues, friends, and family: http://minnesotaswcs.org/Activities/dig_deeper_2.pdf

June 25, 2012

CEU opportunity: MAPSS tour of Dakota County

The MN Association of Professional Soil Scientists (MAPSS ) presents their summer field tour Friday, July 27th, 2012 in Farmington, MN. The expert list of speakers will talk about Dakota County geology and soils, fracturing sands, and nutrient management issues. The tour is worth 6 CEUs. Agenda and registration form are at http://minnesotaswcs.org/Activities/MAPSS2012SummerTour.pdf

June 21, 2012

The Perfect Storm of Soil Events

MN SWCS members:
Check out the message below from the  Minnesota Association of Professional Soil Scientists (MAPSS) describing a never-to-be-repeated confluence of soil celebrations. Sign up for the email list at the end of the message to stay informed of associated events.

Dear Colleagues and Friends of Soils in Minnesota,

These are exciting times for soil in Minnesota, maybe the most exciting times any of us can remember. To help coordinate activities related to several soil related events happening in Minnesota, the Minnesota Association of Professional Soil Scientists (MAPSS) has formed a committee called the Perfect Storm Committee (PSC). Why did we call it the Perfect Storm Committee? See the list of events below, we can’t recall a time when more soil related activity was going on.

· 2011: The Soil Science Society of America 75th Anniversary;

· 2012: The 150th Anniversary of the USDA, the anticipated arrival of Dig-It, the Smithsonian Soils Exhibit to the Bell Museum in the fall and our successful effort to establish Lester as the Minnesota State Soil

· 2013: The 100th Anniversary of the Univ. of MN Department of Soil Water and Climate and the 40th Anniversary of MAPSS

To keep people informed about happenings associated with these events, MAPSS has created and is maintaining an informational e-mail list to be used to inform people about Minnesota soils and soil related events. This list will be maintained by MAPSS and will not be sold or given to others. If you or others you know would like to receive information from MAPSS about soil related events, please use the link below to sign up for our mail list. You can add one or as many different e-mails as you like to our list. Later on, you can use this same form to change your e-mail address or to remove yourself from our list at any time you like. Note, for members of the list, if you have soil related events you want to tell list members about, send your message to mapss@mnsoilscientist.org – we will review it and if appropriate, we will forward it to the list members.

Sign up for the MAPSS Informational Mail List here:
Thank you for your interest in Minnesota Soils!

April 17, 2012

Can we have intensive agriculture AND environmental performance?

MN SWCS members:

Check out Dr. Kenneth G. Cassman's lecture this Thursday on "Can We Guide Agriculture towards Sustainable Food Security?".  Then post your reactions below.
Here are the event details:
Dr. Kenneth G. Cassman,
Robert B. Daugherty Professor of Agronomy, and
Chair, Independent Science and Partnership Council of the CGIAR
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

Thursday April 19, 2012
2:00-4:30 PM
335 Borlaug Hall
University of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN

This event is free and open to the public. Please feel free to forward this to anyone who might be interested. There will be light refreshments following the seminar in the hall outside 335 Borlaug. Live web-streaming available at https://umconnect.umn.edu/emergingissues/

Abstract at: http://minnesotaswcs.org/Activities/Emerging%20Issues%20in%20Soil%20&%20Water%20Lecture%202012.pdf

April 7, 2012

Chapter President's message

Well, here we are with my first blog message as Chapter President.  I’ve been thinking for quite a while about what makes a person join any organization.  The likely first thought is that people join organizations that they feel a connection to, which represents much of the same values they do.  Ours is a professional organization, and it brings with it some differences from other types of organizations.  Being a conservation society we generally represent a non-partisan view.  The political winds of change move constantly and we have seen much of that over the past 30 years.  The understanding of conservation in our society has grown continuously, the more we learn, the more conservation becomes embedded as a societal value being passed on to succeeding generations.  Our organization represents a group of people concerned with conservation of natural resources, because the resources can’t speak for themselves, we must speak for them.  We provide a forum where discussions about natural resource conservation can take place in a positive, non-partisan way that hopefully leads to common sense solutions to the challenges we face in the world today.

I don’t necessarily believe the old saying: “if you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”.  However, that old saying does have a point.  Apathy to issues likely allows them to persist rather than be dealt with.  For all of those who share a kinship with me in conservation, thank you for your commitment.  Perhaps you know someone who isn’t a member and just needs to be asked.  I would suggest that they would benefit greatly from joining our society, and we would also benefit greatly from their insight.  Very much a win-win proposition.  I hope to share my thoughts regularly over my two-year term as Chapter President.  As a reminder, the entire Executive Committee is available for the membership.  We have an outstanding leadership group for the chapter, so give us your feedback. 

Yours in conservation, Dave

February 6, 2012

Save the Date: March 29th Precision Conservation Conference and MN SWCS annual meeting

The MN SWCS annual meeting will be held March 29th, 2012 in conjunction with the Freshwater Society's day-long conference: “Precision Conservation: Technology Redefining Local Water Quality Practices.”  Precision conservation effectively and efficiently targets scarce resources to the spots on the landscape where they will do the most good. Learn about the latest technology -- much of it based on LiDAR scanning – that pinpoints “sweet spots” where runoff, erosion and pollution are disproportionately severe and the potential for improvement is disproportionately great. Speakers include NRCS Chief Dave White; Dr. David Mulla, University Soil Scientist and a pioneer in employing modern LiDAR-based technology in the service of conservation; Dr. Gerald Van Amburg, president of the Buffalo-Red River Watershed Board; and several other Minnesota expert conservationists sharing rural and urban examples. The event will be at Silverwood Park in St. Anthony, MN. Visit the Freshwater Society web site for a current agenda and registration information. The Chapter annual meeting will follow the conference.

January 31, 2012

Awards nominations and scholarship apps due soon

Nominations for Chapter Awards and Student Scholarships are due March 2, 2012. Take advantage of this opportunity to honor the great individuals and organizations contributing to conservation in Minnesota. Students may nominate themselves for scholarships.
Applications for national SWCS scholarships for students and professionals are due February 12th, 2012.
Forms for the chapter award nominations and the chapter student scholarships are available on the Chapter website.
Further information about the national scholarships is on the SWCS website.

December 11, 2011

SWCS Annual Meeting abstracts due Dec 15

MNSWCS members,

This is a reminder that December 15, 2011 is the deadline for the Call for Presentations and Symposium Sessions for the 67th Annual International Conference of the Soil and Water Conservation Society.

The Conference will be July 22-25, 2012 in Fort Worth, TX

For more information, to submit a presentation, or to review the Call, go to http://www.swcs.org/12ac

October 13, 2011

Dec 15 deadline for SWCS annual conference abstracts

The 67th Annual International Conference for the Soil and Water Conservation Society will be held in Ft. Worth, TX, on July 22-25, 2012.

Abstracts for presentations and proposals for symposia sessions will be accepted through December 15, 2011. Go to go to http://www.swcs.org/12ac for more information

The theme for the meeting is Choosing Conservation: Considering Ecology, Economics, and Ethics. As Dewayne Johnson pointed out, both Hugh Hammond Bennett and Aldo Leopold recognized that effective conservation decision-making takes many tools. A shovel, a pen, and a solid handshake were used skillfully by both men to help land managers and lawmakers make sustainable choices for working lands. Leopold was particularly vocal on the need to reunite economics with ecology and ethics. He recognized that each field of inquiry strengthens the study of natural resource conservation and its application on the back forty. Recent movements toward transdisciplinary research and systems approaches mirror Leopold’s thinking. The 125th anniversary year of Leopold’s birth provides us with an opportunity to take cues from Leopold and Bennett as we consider conservation choices today.

August 28, 2011

Water quality is the topic of the MN SWCS field tour

The Minnesota SWCS Chapter has a great water quality tour planned for September 14th, 2011 in Lamberton, MN. Hear about the latest in conservation drainage technology at the UM Southwest Research and Outreach Center. Then visit the Highwater Ethanol Plant to learn how they've achieved impressive water usage efficiencies.

The agenda and registration form is available at the Minnesota SWCS web site.

August 7, 2011

Invasive Species Training Opportunity

Learn to identify and manage common and emerging invasive pests at a daylong workshop August 18th, 2011 in Detroit Lakes, MN. The workshop is presented by the Minnesota Invasive Species Advisory Council (MISAC) and the
Minnesota Chapter of the Soil Water Conservation Society (SWCS). Check out the full agenda and registration information at the MN SWCS web site. Early registration discounts end August 12th.

July 13, 2011

Do biofuel initiatives account for soil and water conservation?

Biofuels are the topic of the Town Hall meeting at the annual SWCS conference next week. If you will not be in D.C., please share your thoughts on the question below by commenting here or talking to Dennis Fuchs.

Dennis will represent the Minnesota SWCS at the House of Delegates meeting, July 17th, at the annual SWCS meeting in Washington D.C. Following the House of Delegates meeting, all conference attendees are invited to the State of the Society Town Hall meeting to share their views with the SWCS Board of Directors on the following topic:

The United States has committed to an energy policy that includes an aggressive expansion of biofuel production. There are many biofuel feedstock options under consideration; crop residue, perennial grasses, wood byproducts, algae and others. In September, 2010, the SWCS hosted a workshop to develop regional roadmaps for sustainable advanced biofuel feedstock production. In your region, are the initiatives to develop and utilize biofuel feedstock demonstrating appropriate concern for soil conservation, water quality, and soil quality implications?

What do you think? Comment below.

April 17, 2011

Represent the chapter as a delegate to SWCS annual meeting in D.C.

If you think you might attend the SWCS annual meeting (July17-20, Washington D.C.), consider serving as the Chapter Delegate to the House of Delegates meeting. If you would like more information, contact Chapter President, Russell Kleinschmidt (rkleinschmidt700 AT excite.com).

March 28, 2011

Looking for Summer Tour Ideas

What would you like to see and learn at this year's Summer Tour? Every year the MN SWCS organizes a training session in the summer that includes a field visit. Make your suggestions by clicking "comments" below. For the record, here are the topics and locations from the past few years. Invasive species at Mille Lacs; Prairies and wetlands at Fergus Falls (with The Wildlife Society); Blue Earth Watershed Area; BioEnergy at UM Morris; and a tour in the Marshall Area with MAPSS.

March 4, 2011

Scholarship and award nominations due March 15

Nominations are being accepted for student scholarships and chapter awards from the MN Chapter SWCS. Outstanding Service and Commendation Awards are given to members only. Honor, Merit, New/Media, and Education awards can be given to members, non-members, or organizations.

Nominations are due soon -- March 15th, 2011-- but the form is short, so don't hesitate to take this opportunity to honor a deserving Minnesota conservationist. Nomination forms are at the Minnesota SWCS Chapter website: Awards Nomination FormScholarship Nomination Form

February 25, 2011

What do you know about precision ag? Attend the Annual Training Conference, March 22nd.

The Minnesota Chapter SWCS has a great line-up planned for the Annual Training Conference on March 22nd in St. Cloud. The theme is "Precision Agriculture Technology: Utilizing it with Conservation." Ed Gruenes (CENTROL Independent Crop Consultant), Bernie Paulson (McPherson Crop Management), and Dave Mulla (University of Minnesota) will talk about the technology and techniques. Don Baloun (NRCS State Conservationist) and Jeff St. Ores (NRCS Water Quality Specialist) will talk about conservation programs. Check out the agenda and registration form for full details about their topics. Register by March 15th to get the early-bird discount.

The training will be preceded by the Chapter's Annual Business Meeting. If you have agenda items to suggest for the business meeting, add them as a comment to this post.

February 20, 2011

MN SWCS officer elections

It is time to elect Chapter officers. Expect to see your ballot in the mail the week of February 21st. Read about the nominees and learn about the quality leaders who have volunteered to serve.

February 7, 2011

Priorities for Minnesota's Environment: Perspectives from the Dayton Administration

Here's an opportunity to learn what the new administration is thinking about environmental and conservation policy. A policy forum presented by the Minnesota Environmental Initiative will feature commissioners from MPCA, MDH, MDA, Commerce, BWSR, and DNR who will speak to their priorities and the anticipated short-term challenges facing Minnesota. Governor Mark Dayton has also been invited. The forum will be Friday March 18th, 2011, 11:30-1:30, in St. Paul. See the Minnesota Environmental Initiative site for more information.

January 25, 2011

Scholarships for SWCS members -- apply soon

SWCS offers three scholarships for students and professionals doing research or coursework in conservation related topics. Check out the summary flyer (400kb PDF), or go to the SWCS page for full details and application information. Applications are due February 12th. You must be an SWCS member.

November 29, 2010

Share your suggestions for training topics

The Minnesota SWCS leadership is looking for your suggestions for the annual training and business meeting next February or March. What topics are you interested in for a half-day training? What issues should we discuss at the business meeting? Please share your suggestions by posting a comment below.

June 24, 2010

Call for Abstracts: MN-WI Invasive Species Conference 2010

The MN SWCS is a host for the first collaborative Minnesota-Wisconsin conference on invasive species to be held November 8-10, 2010 in St. Paul, Minnesota. This is an all-taxa conference covering invasive aquatic and terrestrial plants, animals, pests, and pathogens. The other three conference hosts are the Minnesota Invasive Species Council, the Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin, and the Midwest Invasive Plant Network.
If you wish to make an oral presentation or display a poster, abstracts must be received by August 1, 2010.
See the full Call for Abstracts (pdf) for more information.

Register Soon for the Summer Tour

Don't miss this year's MN SWCS summer tour to be held July 16, 2010 near Lake Mille Lacs. The topic is "Minnesota’s Invasive Species: From the trees to the water, what do they do and what do they look like?" The agenda and registration form (pdf) are finalized. This is a great opportunity to network with your colleagues and learn about invasive species issues first hand. Register by July 9th to receive the reduced price.

May 18, 2010

Training opportunity: Stream Stabilization and Restoration

Stream Investigation, Stabilization & Design Workshop

With an emphasis on Innovative Approaches to Stream Stabilization and Restoration
August 2-4, 2010
Maxwell, Iowa

Classroom Location:
Polk County Conservation Board
The Chichaqua Longhouse
8700 NE 126th Ave
Maxwell, Iowa 50161

This workshop will introduce the methodologies and procedures for initiating, planning, analyzing, and ultimately designing long-term sustainable river and stream stabilization or restoration projects.  Innovative, environmentally sensitive, and cost-effective approaches to restoration will be discussed. Comprehensive case studies will be presented.  Rain gear, boots, and field clothes are recommended for the field trips.  After July 15th, lectures will be posted on the FTP site: ftp://chlguest:3bit5map@

Workshop Sponsor: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wetland regulatory Assistance Program (WRAP) & USACE, Rock Island District

Instructors: Dave Derrick, Research Hydraulic Engineer with the Corps of Engineer’s Engineering Research and Development Center’s Coastal & Hydraulics Laboratory (ERDC-CHL)

For more information and to register, contact Al Frohlich at 309/794-5859, Albert.J.Frohlich@usace.army.mil

May 13, 2010

Minnesota's Invasive Species Tour -- July 16th

Save the date July 16, 2010 to attend the MN SWCS summer tour at Lake Mille Lacs. The topic is "Minnesota’s Invasive Species: From the trees to the water, what do they do and what do they look like?"
See the tentative agenda (pdf) for more information. This is a great opportunity to see invasive species problems and solutions first hand.

May 9, 2010

Should the national SWCS develop a position statement on climate change?

Take a moment  to comment on the resolution proposed below. It will be discussed at the House of Delegates meeting at the national SWCS meeting on July 18th. Comments placed here will be carried to the discussion by the MN Chapter delegate.

Resolution: The Empire (New York State) Chapter of the SWCS recommends that the Soil and Water Conservation Society develop a position statement on the evaluation, development, and promotion of agricultural conservation practices to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. We recognize the need to maintain the efficacy of conservation practices to maintain and improve our soil and water resources to provide for increasing needs for food, fiber and bio-energy production. We also recommend that a committee be formed to work with the other professional organizations such as ASA/SSSA/CSSA/AAAS to develop a joint position statement on this issue. The individual SWCS and/or the collective position statement(s) could be formalized with a press release at the SWCS international annual meeting in Washington, D.C. in 2011. The Empire Chapter is relying on the Leadership of this professional society to develop the position statement and necessary collaborations.

Go to the following link for further background about the resolution and a full agenda for the House of Delegates Meeting.

April 20, 2010

Serve as an SWCD Supervisor

SWCS members have the background and experience to serve their community as a Supervisor of their Soil and Water Conservation District. Consider running for this important office. Filing information is on the web site of the MN Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

April 3, 2010

Could you be a chapter delegate at the SWCS conference in St. Louis?

The MN SWCS Chapter needs to designate a delegate and alternate to attend, and be eligible to vote, at the national House of Delegates session at the 2010 SWCS Annual Conference in St. Louis. If you are able to attend please contact Shannon Carpenter (shannon.carpenter@mn.usda.gov) by April 23rd.

The 2010 House of Delegates session followed by State of the Society meeting is set for Sunday, July 18th 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in St. Louis, Missouri.  Like last year, both the session and meeting are back to back and are open to all SWCS conference attendees.  The State of the Society meeting will provide conference attendees the opportunity to share their views with the SWCS Board of Directors on the following topic:

Energy, water, and global climate change will drive research and environmental programs over the next century.  This will largely determine what we hand off to our sons and daughters.  We are heading into a time period that is comparable in significance to the Great Dust Bowl.  What do you believe the appropriate role for the Society is with respect to these issues?

The purpose of the House of Delegates is to advise the Board on natural resource issues and matters affecting chapters.  If you wish to put forward a formal resolution, please submit it to Sue Ann Lynes on or before April 28th (see below.)  Only formal written resolutions will be addressed during the House of Delegates session; and if resolutions are presented, only official chapter delegates will be allowed to vote. If we receive no formal resolutions, we will go directly to the State of Society Town Hall meeting. 

Larson-Allmaras Lecture -- April 14th

The MN SWCS Chapter is one of the sponsors of this year's Larson-Allmaras Lecture on Emerging Issues in Soil and Water to be held on Wednesday 14th April 2010, 2:00-4:30, in 335 Borlaug Hall on the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus. The theme of the lecture will be "Tending the Land of Our Grandchildren”. The featured speaker will be Dr. Henry Janzen, Research Scientist in Soil Biochemistry with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada at Lethbridge, Alberta, CANADA. Henry has studied the flows of carbon and nitrogen in agricultural ecosystems, especially their links to global cycles and long-term changes in the biosphere. He has been active in various national and international ventures, including assignments with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Please mark your calendar for the lecture event. For more information, visit the UMN Department of Soil, Water, and Climate.

MN SWCS Annual Training – May 4th

“Native Pollinators on the Farm” is the topic of our chapter’s annual training and business meeting. It will be Tuesday, May 4th, 2010, 8:30-2:00 at the Cabela’s in Rogers, Minnesota. Lunch is provided. Register by April 20th to take advantage of the lower fee.

In the morning, Eric Mader from the Xerces Society will teach us about conservation of native pollinators in the context of Farm Bill programs. He will provide practical information about pollinator biology, trends and economics of insect pollination, recognizing native bee species, assessment of pollinator habitat, and approaches to increasing and enhancing pollinator diversity on the land.
The luncheon speaker will give us an update on the state’s Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment. Our annual business meeting will be held after lunch.

Don’t miss this opportunity to network with other conservation professionals, contribute to the management of your MN SWCS, and learn about native pollinator management and the Legacy Amendment.

More details about the agenda and registration information is on the Chapter Website or go directly to the pdf .

February 28, 2010

Welcome to the Minnesota SWCS blog

The Chapter leadership established this blog to replace our occasional newsletter. Our goals are to give you timely news about Chapter activities and to give you the opportunity to respond to and discuss current conservation issues with other members. You will receive an email notice when new posts are added, and you can visit the blog anytime and search entries.
If you would like to suggest a topic for the blog, contact any member of the Executive Committee.