May 9, 2010

Should the national SWCS develop a position statement on climate change?

Take a moment  to comment on the resolution proposed below. It will be discussed at the House of Delegates meeting at the national SWCS meeting on July 18th. Comments placed here will be carried to the discussion by the MN Chapter delegate.

Resolution: The Empire (New York State) Chapter of the SWCS recommends that the Soil and Water Conservation Society develop a position statement on the evaluation, development, and promotion of agricultural conservation practices to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. We recognize the need to maintain the efficacy of conservation practices to maintain and improve our soil and water resources to provide for increasing needs for food, fiber and bio-energy production. We also recommend that a committee be formed to work with the other professional organizations such as ASA/SSSA/CSSA/AAAS to develop a joint position statement on this issue. The individual SWCS and/or the collective position statement(s) could be formalized with a press release at the SWCS international annual meeting in Washington, D.C. in 2011. The Empire Chapter is relying on the Leadership of this professional society to develop the position statement and necessary collaborations.

Go to the following link for further background about the resolution and a full agenda for the House of Delegates Meeting.

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