November 29, 2010

Share your suggestions for training topics

The Minnesota SWCS leadership is looking for your suggestions for the annual training and business meeting next February or March. What topics are you interested in for a half-day training? What issues should we discuss at the business meeting? Please share your suggestions by posting a comment below.


Anonymous said...

Farm Bill programs and their interdisciplinary and landscape implications.

Environmental services and their role in program evaluation.

Conservation partnerships.

Preparing graduates to work in the landscape context.

Anonymous said...

Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) Update

CEAP Vision... Enhanced natural resources and healthier ecosystems through improved conservation effectiveness and better management of agricultural landscapes.

CEAP Goal... To improve efficacy of conservation practices and programs by quantifying conservation effects and providing the science and education base needed to enrich conservation planning, implementation, management decisions, and policy.

Anonymous said...

Carbon credits and conservation practices that provide credit opportunities

drainage water management. Mower County (MN) SWCD is working on 2-stage drainage ditches and finding some positive water quality and quantity benefits.

CEAP - simplified for the "on the ground conservationist"

To discuss - Invasive Species Conference - could this occur in mid-summer or winter when field workload is less busy compared to fall?