March 28, 2011

Looking for Summer Tour Ideas

What would you like to see and learn at this year's Summer Tour? Every year the MN SWCS organizes a training session in the summer that includes a field visit. Make your suggestions by clicking "comments" below. For the record, here are the topics and locations from the past few years. Invasive species at Mille Lacs; Prairies and wetlands at Fergus Falls (with The Wildlife Society); Blue Earth Watershed Area; BioEnergy at UM Morris; and a tour in the Marshall Area with MAPSS.


Linda Meschke said...

There is alot of progressive research being done in the LeSueur Watershed that includes researchers with a national scope. Let's learn what they are finding out about that watershed.

The Red River and flood mitigation techniques would be a good program.

The growth of drainage and it's impacts. New techniques and design. There are several demonstration sites in the state.

Let's head to the north woods and learn about mining. In recent days I've seen in the paper where mining is beginning to 'boom' again. What is this PolyMet issue all about and nonferrous mining? What are the resource issues around that? Wild rice and sulfides?

Tom Steger said...

Linda has nice ideas, also perhaps a tour centered in the Cannon Falls area, good proximitiy to metro (for better or worse, might help draw folks). Cannon River Watershed Partnership activities as well as Byllsby power dam, Cannon Valley bike trail and extension plans west and impacts. Irrigation water - improved management in both Dakota nnd Goodhue counties and more....