June 21, 2012

The Perfect Storm of Soil Events

MN SWCS members:
Check out the message below from the  Minnesota Association of Professional Soil Scientists (MAPSS) describing a never-to-be-repeated confluence of soil celebrations. Sign up for the email list at the end of the message to stay informed of associated events.

Dear Colleagues and Friends of Soils in Minnesota,

These are exciting times for soil in Minnesota, maybe the most exciting times any of us can remember. To help coordinate activities related to several soil related events happening in Minnesota, the Minnesota Association of Professional Soil Scientists (MAPSS) has formed a committee called the Perfect Storm Committee (PSC). Why did we call it the Perfect Storm Committee? See the list of events below, we can’t recall a time when more soil related activity was going on.

· 2011: The Soil Science Society of America 75th Anniversary;

· 2012: The 150th Anniversary of the USDA, the anticipated arrival of Dig-It, the Smithsonian Soils Exhibit to the Bell Museum in the fall and our successful effort to establish Lester as the Minnesota State Soil

· 2013: The 100th Anniversary of the Univ. of MN Department of Soil Water and Climate and the 40th Anniversary of MAPSS

To keep people informed about happenings associated with these events, MAPSS has created and is maintaining an informational e-mail list to be used to inform people about Minnesota soils and soil related events. This list will be maintained by MAPSS and will not be sold or given to others. If you or others you know would like to receive information from MAPSS about soil related events, please use the link below to sign up for our mail list. You can add one or as many different e-mails as you like to our list. Later on, you can use this same form to change your e-mail address or to remove yourself from our list at any time you like. Note, for members of the list, if you have soil related events you want to tell list members about, send your message to mapss@mnsoilscientist.org – we will review it and if appropriate, we will forward it to the list members.

Sign up for the MAPSS Informational Mail List here:
Thank you for your interest in Minnesota Soils!

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